Frequently Asked Question's


Can I change registration information?


Please use our Athlete Change Form to change your weight class.

What time should I arrive and where do I go?

The tentative lifting schedule is posted Athlete Information.  The final schedule will be posted as soon as possible after registration closes.  What day and when will depend on your session.  You should know the day, session, flight, and lot number to be ready for this event.  

Can I have people help me in warm up room?

Only one coach/handler per raw lifter, and two coaches per equipped lifter will be allowed in warmup area.  All others will be asked to leave. Only those with coach wrist bands for that day will be allowed in warmup area. Registered teams will be issued two coach badges that are good for the entire event. 

General Admission - how does it work?

What time should spectators arrive?


Can Session 1 Spectators/Lifters stay for Session 2?

General admission tickets are good for the Day.  If you leave and want to come back in to the event, you must be wearing your bracelet.  Lifters will be allowed entry for entire event if wearing their bracelet.

Drug Testing

Will I be drug tested?

If you enter this event, you may be selected to be drug tested.  Lifters are notified by the Drug Testing Officer (DCO) generally at the completion of the lifting session.  If you have completed all your attempts and want to leave prior to the awards ceremony, you must check in with the DCO to make sure you have not been selected for drug testing.  This includes if you have weighed in and decided not to lift, injured yourself during the competition and withdraw or bomb, you are still in the drug testing pool.

Failure to be available when called for drug testing will be considered a doping failure.

I am taking medication prescribed by my doctor.  Is that ok?

Medications prescribed by your doctor may be considered a prohibited substance.  You must check all your medications.  If the medication is prohibited, it may be allowed by receiving a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).

Where can I find information on Anti-Doping?

Please check out the USA Powerlifting's Anti-Doping page to find more resources.


USA Powerlifting Rules

Please review the USA Powerlifting Rulebook to be informed.

What can I wear on the platform?

All competitors must wear:


All competitors must wear a one piece lifting suit or a wrestling singlet, shoes, knee high socks for deadlift and a T-Shirt.

Please review the rulebook for equipment specifications so that there are no surprises during equipment check. We will be adhering to the USA Powerlifting Apparel Policy. If you have question about specific logos please read this policy. Here are the Approved Club/Team Logos. Should you have an item you would like to wear on the platform and question whether it will be accepted, you may contact us.

How are weigh-ins conducted?

You can weigh-in in your singlet and t-shirt, just underwear, or nude.  A Referee will be present to record your bodyweight.  All USA Powerlifting Referees are Safe Sport Certified and background checked.

Weigh-ins are conducted by 'Lot Numbers.'  A lot number is a randomly assigned number to each athlete, within each session.

When it is time for your weigh-ins, be there when it starts.  The Referee will call you in order of your assigned Lot Number, NOT by when you show up.  If you are not present when you are called, you will go to the back of the weigh-in order.

Can I set American Records at the State Meet?

YES!  You can break American Records in 0.5kg increments.  You must announce your intention to break an American Record to the scoring table when you hand in your attempt.  National referees have to be in all three referee seats to judge an American Record lift.  It may take a minute to get the referees in place before you enter the platform.

Also, any State record you break will automatically be credited once results are uploaded into the results database.

Is my logo approved?

USA Powerlifting Rulebook

Please review rulebook section 3 - PERSONAL APPAREL AND EQUIPMENT


What are constitutes a "GOOD" Lift and what are the reasons for failures?

Please see our Lifter Briefing videos in "Lifter's Corner" section of this website. See our Squat Bench Deadlift Rules

How do I know if my lift was good?

We have three referees judging your lift.  Two side referees and the Chief referee.  Each referee will judge your lift according to the rules.  A white light is good lift, red light is failed lift.  You must get at least two white lights for the lift to pass.  See our Squat Bench Deadlift Rules

Can I change weight classes?

Yes.  However, we ask that if you don't think you will make your weight class please let us know as soon as possible.  Changing your weight class may put you in a different flight, or even a different session. 

Please use our Athlete Change Form to change your weight class.

Can I break American Records at this competition?


Can I use Baby Powder on deadlifts?

Yes. However, we ask that you 

When do I get my rack heights?

It is PREFERRED you get your rack heights before you weigh-in.  We will have the venue open Friday night for you to get your rack heights.  This is preferred if convenient for you.  You may also get your rack heights in the morning before weigh-ins.  Sunday lifters can come get rack heights Friday night or Saturday immediately following conclusion of Session 2 lifting.  

We are using TSS RACKS for all platforms. If you know your rack heights you can enter them here.

What does Raw vs.  Equipped lifting mean?

Raw/Unequipped lifting is defined in USA Powerlifting competition as using only the following gear and accessories as previously described above:

Equipped Lifters wear single-ply squat suits, bench shirts, and deadlift suits. (Please see rulebook for specifics)

This is my first meet, what do I need to know?

Review the Rulebook! Specifically sections



section 5 - MEET PROTOCOL