Dear Lifters, Coaches, and Volunteers, 

Siraj and I want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your invaluable contributions to the success of the 2024 USA Powerlifting Georgia State Championships!

Our goal coming into this years states was to provide USAPL Georgia athletes and coaches with an exceptionally high quality meet day experience with all the bells and whistles of a national level meet. We recognize the effort and dedication it takes to prepare for states and this motivates us to make sure you have a great meet day experience by giving you everything you need to be successful on the platform - from check-in, weigh-ins, warmup room, to lifting and awards we want you to feel special! 

But our appreciation extends beyond the lifters to encompass every individual involved in making this event truly exceptional. To our volunteers, referees, sponsors, and spectators, your presence and support were instrumental in creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. We sincerely hope that each of you felt recognized and valued throughout the event.

Reflecting on the success of the 2024 USA Powerlifting Georgia State Championships, we are proud to say we have set a new benchmark for excellence. However, we also recognize that continuous improvement is key to delivering outstanding experiences. Therefore, as we begin preparations for the 2025 States, we eagerly invite your feedback through a brief questionnaire. Your insights will be invaluable in shaping future events. 

Please complete our short State Meet Survey HERE.

We are filled with pride and gratitude for the opportunity to support Georgia's powerlifting community. Thank you all for your support! 

We look forward to bringing you an even bigger and better 2025 Georgia State meet! Stay tuned for some exciting news!!!


Cathy and Siraj


Thank you to all the Athletes!

You all came and conquered on the platform! So much hard work and training goes into prep and we appreciate you choosing Georgia State Championships to come and show it off!  

Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey! We truly hope you had a great time! 

Thank you to our Volunteer Staff! 

We had 60 Volunteer Staff - what an amazing crew! For those of you in Bright Yellow Staff shirts, thank you for doing such incredible work. Our volunteer crew consisted of those working front desk- checking in lifters and spectators, a hospitality crew, warm up room assistants, scoring table workers, setup and teardown crews. A special shout out to all the spotters and loaders- yours is the most physically demanding job by far and we appreciate you! Thank you for keeping our lifters safe! 

Thank you to our Referee Team! 

We can't run any meets, let alone a meet of this size, without a lot of referees.  A total of 24 referees came out to support GA State Championships- a few drove over 500 miles! Thank you to all our referees for coming and supporting GA States! We cannot thank you enough.  You were all so professional and efficient in all your duties. We could not have asked for a better referee team.

Cat 1 Referees: Lucian Gillis (Georgia), Cathy Marksteiner (Ohio) and Joe Marksteiner (Ohio). 

Cat 2 Referees: David Goodwin (Georgia), Heather Faas (SC), and BJ Faas (SC)

National Referees: Becci Holcomb (Georgia), Jan Daurio (New York), Josh Rohr (Georgia), Joshua Anderson (South Carolina), Michael Mydlo (Mississippi), Dana Bloomfield (Georgia), Qy Lou (Georgia), Tracy Cook (Georgia)

State Referees: Aiden Hart (Georgia), Amanda Carroll (Georgia), Amy Pancake (Georgia), Brenton Fleming (South Carolina), Edson Torres (Georgia), Elizabeth Kennedy (Georgia), Falami Devoe (Georgia), LK McDonald (Georgia), Lydia Baptist (Georgia), and Vanessa Baker (Georgia)

Special congratulations to our new National Level referees Dana Bloomfield, Tracy Cook, and Qy Lou and to our new State Level referee LK McDonald!

Thank you to our Leadership Team!  

Running a meet of this size takes a tremendous amount of planning and preparation! We want to thank our incredible leadership team for their commitment to putting on an amazing meet right down to every detail! 

Karen Delp - Lifter/Volunteer Registration Leader

Ethan Mele - General Admissions Leader

Katie Watson - Hospitality Leader   

Lydia Baptist - Procurement Leader

Jan Daurio - Technical Leader 

Janice Bradley - Weigh-in Room Leader

Robert Mele - Announcing Team Leader 

Thank you to our Sponsors!

A7, TruBorn Strong, Pioneer Belts, Barbell Productions, Spinto, Sour Strips, LMVT, Titus Strength and Fitness, Southside Barbenders, 110 Percent, and Monster Energy  

We are very thankful for all our sponsors! Much of what we provide can only be done because of the support of our sponsors!

Our Sponsors